Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets $30
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American Chilly

Come dressed in costume, and bring your mobile device to vote on who the next victim will be!

Award winning producer, director, and composer Richard Heene’s American Chilly is an audience interactive comedy/horror musical starring world-famous Falcon Heene of the Heene Boyz Rockestra, the “world’s youngest metal band." 

It's like Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Trans Siberian Orchestra. 

TV reporter Morgen Enright inherits a hotel, restaurant and gas station all in one that possesses a curse on the land by evil spirits. He quits his job and moves his three boys (Bradford, Ryo and Falcon), who formed a metal band, to the middle of the desert to run the business. His boys have no desire to live in the desert and would rather play music for a living.

It isn’t long before Morgen discovers that the water table is poisoned with peyote, and he likes it. Morgen begins seeing a snake monster in the toilet, and he becomes obsessed with trying to kill it, by using his patrons as bait. He spikes customers’ chili with laxatives so that they have to use the restroom, in an effort to draw out the snake monster. The three boys, Falcon, Bradford and Ryo, use their music against the imaginary snake monster and Morgen in an attempt to survive. 

Every ticket gets a free album download!

American Chilly is produced by Harvey Rechutmhertz.

Every ticket gets a free album download!

What people are saying:

“These kids can rock.”- Details magazine


“The Heene Boyz live set is a well-rehearsed feat of metal-god pageantry." - Gawker


“...They can work a crowd and they've got some real energy!" - Gothamist

American Chilly is produced by Harvey Rechutmhertz.



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