Chubby Checker

Friday, January 28 at 8pm

Tickets: $35 – $75

Tickets go on sale 8/6 at 10am

Member Presale starts 8/4 at 10am

Tickets available on Ticketmaster

In 2 minutes and 42 seconds, Chubby Checker revolutionized popular culture and changed the music industry forever. When he appeared on American Bandstand in 1960 and performed “The Twist,” it was the dawn of a new era in Rock & Roll! 50 years later, and Chubby still loves the energy he feels from his fans singing and dancing to his iconic tracks.

He wrote “The Twist” in 1959 and promoted it heavily through television dates, interviews and performances.  It became a hit fourteen months later in the summer of 1960. The next few years were prolific for Chubby and his hits included “Pony Time,” “The Fly” and ” “Let’s Twist Again” for which he won a Grammy for Best Rock Performance. “Slow Twistin’,” Dancin’ Party,” “Popeye The Hitchhiker” and “The Limbo Rock” all came along in 1962.

Chubby stayed active through the 2000’s and in 2007 returned to the charts with “Knock Down the Walls,” Billboard’s #1 dance track.  The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame gave Chubby a special award presentation at which he performed for audiences to everyone’s delight.

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