The Neon Erasure

Erasure: The Neon Tour

Sunday, January 16 at 8pm

Tickets: $29.50, $39.50, $79.50, $99.50

“The neon is a place, but not a specific place. It’s a place that lives in the imagination, that we – you and me – put in the real world. It could be a night club, a shop, a city, a cafe, a country, a bedroom, a restaurant, any place at all.”  

It’s a place of possibility in warm, glowing light. This is music that takes you there.

When Andy Bell was growing up, he was fascinated with neon. “I’ve always loved it,” he begins, every syllable alive. “It ties in with my fancy of being from the fairground, the whole romance of being in a travelling show. It’s old-fashioned but still modern. It’s a beautiful light to be bathed in.”

Andy was in a loving, happy place when he headed to Brooklyn, New York, last summer, to see his old friend, Vince Clarke. “It’s always a real treat to see Andy,”  he says, of the regular reunion they have every two years. “I always look forward to it. We never, ever get bored of each other.”

Vince had been burrowed away in his basement, surrounded by synths, working on tracks that he hoped would ignite Andy’s imagination. From this spark, The Neon arrived fully-formed, its synth lines warmly familiar but still futuristic. The title of The Neon came late on, to Andy. He knew it was perfect instantly, he says: it summed up everything he wanted the album to convey.

Erasure: The Neon Tour comes to St. Petersburg at the Duke Energy Center for the Arts – Mahaffey Theater on Sunday, January 16 at 8pm. Bag Raiders will open the show with a DJ set.

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